Collect it. Make it. Love it. Sell it.

Our pop-up shop at Lucketts Holiday Market, November 2015

It’s a fairly simple concept. When we started our little company earlier this year, we did not want to pigeon-hole our aesthetic (or products) into one defining category – antiques, handmade, reclaimed, industrial, decor, furniture, lighting, etc. Although we have made or sold pieces that fit into at least one of those groups, we instead wanted to focus on curating or creating items that we love and would want in our own house. We like things with a story behind them, either because they have a history, or because of the care and quality with which they were made.

Our garage workshop is busting at the seams, so we end up storing many of our finished products in our house, which creates quite a dilemma because I usually want to keep them! This past weekend we had the pleasure of setting up our pop-up shop at Lucketts Holiday Market, where our goal was to make our small space feel like a cozy living room filled with cool things. Ben finished up another awesome cart table in time for the market, and we filled the space with drafting tables & stools, a cute little red velvet vintage sofa, a sweet antique bench, cool old pulleys & other primitive pieces, and, of course, our handmade butterflies and lamps. We started off the weekend wondering how we would fit all of our treasures into such a limited space, and by Sunday, we were challenged with keeping our space from looking empty!

Training them up early to appreciate vintage treasures.
Training them up early to appreciate vintage treasures.

I always want my house to have candles and fresh flowers – so, since we wanted our shop to reflect things we would want to feel like home, we searched for a while for a candle maker whose aesthetic was a fit with ours. Brian at Hawk & Hatchet hand pours delicious flavors like Campfire (really smells like a campfire!), Uncle Lloyd’s Pipe, Christmas Eve, and Vanilla & Oak, just to name a few. Check out his etsy site to order direct and check out other scents, or catch us at our next pop up! As for the flower requirement, we did not have a florist on call, so some holly branches from my backyard had to do.


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