Hibernation Ends!


We have been woefully lax on our blog updates this winter, but I assure you that we have been very busy making, collecting, and selling! In December we started opening up our shop one weekend/month at Sweet Clover Barn in Frederick, MD, and each month since our crowds have been bigger and better! It has been great to get to know the other shop owners and to be part of a team effort pulling off a barn sale. In March we had the chance to stage the Cottage, a cool space behind the main barn building that was probably once a guest house for the working farm where Sweet Clover is located. It is wonderful to see families roaming the grounds to say hello to the ducks, horses, donkeys, chickens, and dogs while visiting us to find unique treasures. IMG_3838

Our friend the kudu made an appearance at our March sale in the Cottage, gracing the room with his presence, but not available for purchase at this event. Our goal was to create a vintage library vibe, featuring velvet sofas, biology and patent prints, barrister cabinets, vintage books, framed butterflies, and other cool items that you might find in such a space many years ago.


In addition to our monthly sales at Sweet Clover, we have been very busy filling customs orders for lamps, butterflies, arrows, and other handmade items with a story.


We filled many orders for Christmas and Valentines gifts for families looking for a special gifts. Above is a custom order for a family with four children, with each butterfly representing the personality of a different child. Most of our custom butterflies are large and exotic butterflies from around the world, but a customer asked us to create a framed Monarch because it was special to his wife. We happened to have another butterfly in the same genus in stock and added it to the frame because they looked so beautiful together.

When we began this journey and decided to offer framed butterflies for sale, we loved that we could combine nature and our passion for handcrafted items, and we think they add a cool edge to a room. However, we underestimated the special place that butterflies hold in the hearts of so many — holding significance as a symbol of love, beauty, freedom, and adaptability to change.


So, you see, although we may have been hibernating from the cold and MIA from the blog, we have not been sleeping. More to come soon on exciting developments!

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